Links out/Affiliations

Lunar Eclipse is accepting only web sites/blogs that offer free or pay web layouts and graphic resources. No gaming sites, blog sites or any such site that isn't offering at least ten web layouts or web graphics. So if you own a new web site with less than ten downloadables, your request will be probably rejected, in which case you should try applying for affiliation/link exchange later. The affiliation request is processed through the Contact Form. Please give me time to reply to your request.

In return, I ask you kindly to put the link of Lunar Eclipse (make sure it's on all your pages on your site as I will do the same with yours. You can find a couple of LE banners following the navigation bellow.
Thank you!

  1. Only web sites/blogs that offer free or pay web layouts and graphic resources will be accepted
  2. Your web site should have at least three downloadables (GFX, layouts...)
  3. You update your website at least once a month
  4. Your web site is not a free hosted website (bravehost, freewebs, Xanga...), yet it stands on its own feet
  5. No explicit material such as pornography, racial or national insults...
  6. If you go on hiatus/close, please notify me in time. That goes for any extra content updates. For example, if your site holds only layouts when u first applied for affiliation and later you decide to add signatures and avatars, you should contact me about that



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